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Just like the last one three weeks ago, the explanation as to why this Model S caught fire remains unclear.

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This story originally appeared on PCMag

It’s only been three weeks since a Tesla Model S was caught on camera bursting into flames while it sat parked in a parking lot. Now the same thing has happened again, only this time in Hong Kong.

As Reuters reports, another Tesla was stationary and unattended in a shopping mall parking lot in the San Po Kong district of Hong Kong when it caught fire. The electric car in question is thought to be a Model S 85kWh dual motor version and there’s no explanation as to why the incident occurred.

The Model S had been parked for 30 minutes before three explosions occurred and a fire ensued. It took local firefighters 45 minutes to bring the fire under control and stop the car from burning any further. This is in contrast to the Shanghai fire, which started with a lot of smoke appearing from the car before it burst into flames.

CCTV footage of this latest incident does exist, but has so far not appeared online for everyone to view. Tesla isn’t commenting, but will no doubt be very eager to view the footage and to have a team look at the vehicle in an attempt to figure out what happened.

Electric car fires are typically caused by a malfunction with the battery, but this usually follows an accident where severe damage is caused and the battery unit is punctured in some way. For not one, but two vehicles to burst into flames when parked is very unusual and we’d all like to know why it happened.

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